Investment Services in Alberta

Our investment network is close to the heart of what we do here at Helm. Navigating you through tough financial decisions that involve risk, wealth management and the future of your retirement savings is our specialty. Investors in and around the Drumheller, Alberta region know that family and strong relationships are built on trust in one another. We here at Helm, as testified by the many satisfied clients, build relationships with our clients because investing takes confidence in knowing your portfolio is being managed by someone who treats you like family. Our wide range of investment services is client-focused with your financial growth, security and peace of mind our number one priorities.

Portfolio Management


Steering at the Helm of your retirement and wealth management ship is the expertise and knowledge of our investment advisor network who know how to sail through rough waters into the bright horizon of your golden years. Our investment services build strong portfolios that plan ahead for the future of you and your family. When looking to invest your money, know that our services are truly unlike any other investment services you have used in the past. We bridge together with clear communication from you and the people responsible for growing your portfolio and increasing your retirement savings . You are never left wondering how you can find out more about your money and investments. You are part of the equation of what makes Helm great at what they do.

Retirement Planning and Tax-Free Savings.


When you prepare for retirement, you must save money and then invest it. Saving money is not enough anymore in today's world of rapid inflation and skyrocketing costs of living. Savings accounts do not yield high enough interest rates on their own to build a healthy, robust retirement portfolio. By saving on taxes and reinvesting what you save can often get you closer to your goals faster. That is why tax-free savings accounts and other retirement planning is part of our investment strategies for you.

Investing involves risk management and wealth building in order to achieve your desired goals. But coming to that decision takes the help of a qualified Certified Financial Planner such as Helm who can assess your risk, examine your investment options and a variety of other factors that determine your growth potential. But the difference at Helm is our investment network guide you through the choppy waters and set sail on a retirement plan that is laser-focused on the bright, sunny horizon ahead. At Helm, you never set sail alone. Think of our partnership as captain and co-captain navigating the seas of investing and risk management with precision and ease.

Our investing services will determine what's most appropriate for your portfolio. Stock or bonds? Tax-free Savings Account or Registered Retirement Savings Account? Let investment advisors decide how to maximize your tax-free savings potential and help you understand why we're doing it as well. Because at Helm, we share the knowledge needed to keep our clients updated and informed every step of the journey.

GIC's and Mutual Funds and More.


Guaranteed Investment (Interest) Certificate, also known as GIC and mutual funds are a great source of retirement investing thanks to their diversification options ability to limit risk. The experts through Helm’s network determine if your portfolio can benefit from a combination of GIC and other traditional forms of investing. Our investment advisor network provides a wide range of options to diversify your portfolio and reach its maximum earning potential.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our track record speaks for itself. When looking to invest your money into solutions that are custom-tailored to your specific needs and goals, you must set sail on a partnership with Helm. Our investment manager network ride the high and low tides of wealth management better than most. We live here, work here and invest here. We understand the needs of the Drumheller, Alberta region better than others.

It’s been great working with Helm to get me started in the right direction when it comes to investing my money. I have seen great return, but even better, I feel supported every step of the way.
— Christine Reyes, Customer

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