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Estate Planning For Solutions For Every Portfolio

At Helm, we navigate you through the rough, competitive seas of investing, retirement planning and wealth management. But one of our more essential services provided is estate planning, business succession planning and family inheritance planning. You want the future of your family and business to be secured with succession planning that works for you. At Helm, we know a thing or two about family inheritance and business succession planning especially when it comes to our neighbors in the Drumheller, Alberta region.

 The family owned and operated associates at Helm take communication with our clients seriously. We will work with you to develop an estate planning solution that puts your family first. Estate planning is the process of pre-arranging, before death, the disbursement of your assets and wealth in the event of your passing. Portfolios of all sizes and types, both personal and business, can benefit from estate planning to minimize the various taxes that go along with the inheritance of wealth from the deceased to a beneficiary.

Our robust network is capable of doing more than your average advisory firm. We are more than advisors at Helm, we create a bridge between you and the investment options needed to grow your wealth and plan for the future. We facilitate all aspects of your estate and business succession planning by developing strategies that match you with our team of partners and affiliates to get the job done and reach your goals together.


Think of us as a service provider who does all the heavy lifting by taking the Helm of your ship and setting a course custom-tailored specifically to your estate planning and family inheritance goals.

At Helm, rest assured that the future of your family is secured and you can get back to enjoying the better things in life. You're our partner. We never leave you stranded on the open seas. We use our strong network to find you the right legal counsel that will protect your interests and evaluate your estate planning with objectivity and trust. Learn more about our Estate Planning Services by booking a free consultation today.

Trust Planning Services


One of our estate planning services includes the option of trust planning. A trust is a type of agreement made between you and a third party or executor who holds assets on behalf of your beneficiaries. Trust planning is not right for everyone but offers several advantages. Upon release of your assets, beneficiaries typically are able to gain access to their benefits faster than a traditional will.

Will & Inheritance Planning Services



At Helm, we guide you to the right connections to get your will written by a lawyer that we personally vet to be working in your best interests. We supply the necessary planning and strategy to bring to our legal experts who will finalize your final wishes and beneficiary arrangements.


Tax Planning Services


Our estate planning services involve getting you and your family prepared for any tax planning needed to ensure a smooth transition of assets. We perform a rigorous audit of your wealth portfolio and assets to establish strategies that save you money, get better returns and implement solutions that will make managing taxes easier for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our estate planning services at Helm are just as reliable as our wide array of estate planning solutions. Come see why our clients of the Drumheller, Alberta region love their relationship with the family-owned Helm. Contact us today.

It’s been great working with Helm to get me started in the right direction when it comes to investing my money. I have seen great return, but even better, I feel supported every step of the way.
— Christine Reyes, Customer

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