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Investment planning to ensure that the next generation's inheritance is preserved can be uncharted waters for many families. With Helm Asset and Wealth Management as your first mate, we can set you on a straight course for trust planning and asset protection. We build our business on trust and personal relationships. Instead of selling a set investment plan, our account managers take time to sit down with you, determine your investment and inheritance planning goals, and help you chart a course for wealth preservation. We know that security and confidence in your property management ensure peace of mind as you sail into your retirement.

Is a Trust the best solution to ensure my heirs are taken care of?

A trust is a controlled allocation of your assets to one or more heirs of your estate. If you have minor beneficiaries or beneficiaries who otherwise aren't able to manage assets that you'll bequeath to them, then select a trustee to act in their best interest. Although you may manage their assets while you are alive, if your heirs are minor children or otherwise incapable, then having a trust set up to care for them after your death is a better course of action.

A trust can protect your assets from a marriage breakdown or other untoward influences on your heirs. In addition, a trust protects these assets from creditors, and your beneficiaries can receive a managed income from the trustee. If you desire for a child's education to be paid for or partially funded, a trust can ensure that the monies go directly for tuition and expenses, rather than other things. The trustee can determine what would and would not be appropriate educational expenses.

How do I ensure that the trust does what it's supposed to?

If you believe that your will may be contested, ensure that your assets are protected by a watertight trust. A will is probated, and entered into the public record, whereas a trust is a private document. In fact, some people replace their wills entirely with a trust or trusts. This neatly protects the privacy of your assets and avoids giving a copy of a will to those who may be entitled to it.


 What about taxes? Will a trust shelter my assets from a storm? 

If a trust owns a house or other real estate, a properly set up trust can protect it from taxes using the principal residence exemption (PRE). Trusts can also protect small businesses: if the trust owns part or all of a business, it can protect beneficiaries using the lifetime capital gains exemption (LCGE) of up to $800,000 for each beneficiary.

Depending on the number of assets you have to bequeath, as well as the current income level of your beneficiaries, a savvy lawyer can allocate income of the trust to those beneficiaries to be taxed at their lower rates. We select the best attorney qualified to meet your needs. The benefit of using Helm is our conscientious dedication to providing you with an expert attorney for your situation – you won't end up caught on the rock.

The benefit of having Helm is our expertise and professional connections, like a lighthouse guiding your ship to a safe port. We determine your specific needs and pair you with an attorney who is best suited to prepare your trust and protect your assets. We aren't salespeople - we are your neighbors, and we help you turn your objectives into a workable reality. We work on a fee-based system, versus selling you a product. Our expertise lies in bridging together our clients with our expert affiliates.

What Do Clients Think About Our Trust Planning Services?

The residents and businesses of the Drumheller, Alberta region know who Helm is. We are a part of the dynamic fabric of this burgeoning region. We have unique aspirations, goals and desires that demand attention, consideration and loyalty from something as critical as a wealth management firm. That's why satisfied clients return to Helm and ask us to be the captain of their trust planning ships.

It’s been great working with Helm to get me started in the right direction when it comes to investing my money. I have seen great return, but even better, I feel supported every step of the way.
— Christine Reyes, Customer

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