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Having an accountant prepare your taxes is a great strategy—not just those with more complex tax situations. Accountants are familiar with regular changes to the tax code and stay current in professional development.

So why would you add a CFP professional from like Helm into the tax planning mix? An accountant’s job is to file your taxes with the maximum benefit to you at tax time, Helm will make sure that any needed tax planning will fit with your short and long-term financial strategy throughout the entire year. Our first consideration is to help you identify the sources and types of income you have, how these will change over time, and how the tax will evolve as you grow your net worth and cash flow. It's also important to incorporate your taxes into your overall financial plan as certain strategies affect the taxes you pay in different ways.


Helm can also help make tax time easier by ensuring that your accountant has all the paperwork he or she needs to file your taxes correctly and on time, while still leveraging any and all tax deductions you may be entitled to.

Helm considers your entire financial picture, both short and long-term to determine the best tax strategy.


Career changes, marriage, divorce, children, health and retirement can impact the taxes you pay and changes in tax benefits you receive. Helm can help you optimize your current situation through effective tax planning. This means you will get more out of your money while reporting accurate incomes and deductions when filing your taxes.

Helm will help you sort out the financial impact of all transitions you may encounter throughout your life.


Self-employed professionals are especially susceptible to tax challenges and Helm has the resources to help manage all the different aspects of your finances and keep things organized so there aren’t any tax surprises.

Helm can also play an important role as a “translator” between an accountant and their mutual client. Helm can be a great go-between to help educate you in tax and planning and ensuring that any tax planning fits into your long-term financial strategy. Ultimately you achieve more financial knowledge and control.



For many Canadians, taxes are withheld and submitted by their employer. But for others, it isn’t quite that simple.

If you’re self-employed, you have to remit taxes periodically. Or if you’re retired, you may have investment income where there is no tax withheld, so you’ll need to pay it yourself. Helm can help map out how taxes are paid and ensure you’re setting aside enough income tax so you’re prepared for the payments you’ll need to make. Helm can also help you avoid surprises by alerting you to events that might trigger tax bills and helping you plan the tax payments in advance.

If you want to minimize the anxiety generally associated with tax time and avoid surprise bills and penalties, consider adding Helm to your tax team.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Check out what some of Alberta's most satisfied clients have to say about Helm and our variety of tax planning solutions including investing in tax-free savings options. These Alberta investors have put us at the Helm of their ship and as a result, we brought their portfolio to places they never thought possible with other firms. We were partners, navigated the seas of savings together and made their money go farther for them and their families. When you know Alberta and its residents like we do, calling us is an easy choice for simple, straightforward tax planning from local experts who care about your financial goals.

It’s been great working with Helm to get me started in the right direction when it comes to investing my money. I have seen great return, but even better, I feel supported every step of the way.
— Christine Reyes, Customer

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