Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds- which is right for you?

How do I Know Where to Start My Investment Journey?

The best investment strategies are tailored to the individual and created with their specific investment goals in mind. Investing in the right product or coming up with the best strategy isn’t cut and dry and most often people quit before they even start. It can seem unpredictable and when you find yourself finally in a position that you can actually make your money work for you, the last thing you want is to lose it to the depths. Steering our clients through the difficult waters of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is our specialty, and we take protecting and growing your wealth very seriously. Allow Helm to help you navigate through your financial storms and into calm waters.

Choosing to invest in a mutual fund, stocks, or bonds is an important decision and isn’t just for the those looking for an adventure. Financial planning from the experts at Helm Asset & Wealth Management is different from other financial planning services. Instead of selling specific products or pushing our financial advisors to make quotas, we carefully determine your investable assets and your growth goals to create a custom investment plan. We charge a fee for our experience and knowledge and consider our service an investment in its own right. When you wish to grow your invest-able assets, it makes sense to trust them to a professional who only has your success set as the only destination.

Investing in Stocks & Bonds Doesn’t Have to be Sink or Swim

Depending on your tolerance for risk, your Helm Certified Financial Planner will recommend a diverse portfolio of investments in stocks and bonds. Although both stocks and bonds depend on the issuing company being successful in order for the investor to make money, there are a couple of differences which influence your strategy. Purchase of a stock is buying a small piece of the company, and as the company profits, so also do those who hold shares in it. Bonds, on the other hand, are loans to an expanding company. The profitability of that company enables it to "pay off" the loans (bonds) to the investor.

The ability of your investment portfolio to weather short-term storms and sail the distance will be determined by the depth of your financial plan and experience of your portfolio management team. A younger couple with many years of earning potential ahead of them may be more likely to take on more risk, whereas a retired couple looking to augment their retirement savings may prefer to stay in the shallows and be conservative. There is much in the way of controlling risk in the stock market and or a well diversified portfolio. For your investments to ride the waves, your account manager will not only be clear about your goals and desired level of risk but will also do the homework necessary to research and understand the companies you are investing.


Slow and Steady May Win the Race

A more stable investment than both stocks and bonds is a mutual fund. While mutual funds actually purchase stocks and bonds, the mutual fund itself is like a group portfolio of investments – you and several others will decide to invest in a professionally managed investment fund based on the prospectus that the fund manager gives. They are responsible for ensuring that you receive an appropriate return on your investment. What makes mutual funds more stable than purchasing stocks or bonds is that while all your money may be invested in the fund, it's not all invested in one particular stock. The diversification of the fund's investments keeps the overall investment more stable – if one of the stocks in the fund has a bad quarter, while others are performing well, then those high performers absorb the loss.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Check out what some of Alberta's most satisfied clients have to say about Helm and our variety of investment solutions. These Alberta investors have put us at the Helm of their ship and as a result, we brought their portfolio to places they never thought possible with other firms. We were partners, navigated the seas of retirement savings together and secured the financial futures of them and their families. When you know Alberta and its residents like we do, calling us is an easy choice for simple, straightforward investment planning from local experts who care about your financial goals.

It’s been great working with Helm to get me started in the right direction when it comes to investing my money. I have seen great return, but even better, I feel supported every step of the way.
— Christine Reyes, Customer

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